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Government and Social Media

A soldier of the Kenyan Contingent serving the AMISOM gestures at an al Shabaab flag painted on a wall at Kismayu airport

Government Organisations Using Social Media Huge Advantage or Huge Mistake.

Information is not knowledge. ― Albert Einstein

As social media becomes more popular it makes me think about how much official information that has been leaked onto the internet. How many  times have you posted something on the internet in the heat of the moment? Have you ever let your emotions dictate a post on social media that could compromise security ? What checks and balances does a government organisation have on social media, and how do they control what is posted on the internet?

These are all hot topics up for debate in todays digital age, I’m all for social media and how information is shared as long as its controlled and there are guidelines in place to prevent security being compromised.

Military Operations and Social Media images

Coming from a military background i think it necessary to comment on how a large government organisation uses social media to engage with the public while ensuring its goals are maintained and information is secure. Social Media is fast becoming the easiest way to share information, this has its advantages such as being able to reach such a large audience almost instantly however with the ease this information is available its always a huge security risk if not managed properly.

The New Zealand Defence Force has strict guidelines on what information can be displayed on social media forums and also about securing its employees profiles so that they can remain safe at all times. I think its essential for all companies to accept that social media is a great tool readily available and essentially free as long as the guidelines are adhered to and that the expectations of the organisation are outlined to the employees.

Government Departments setup to Troll the Internet for Information


With all this information readily available it would be pretty safe to say that there are organisations out there setup to find this information and turn it into intelligence for other government organisations. We live in the age where computers are in most households and most people have a form of social media like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram ect… These are great sources of information for intelligence for the right people. However as i said as long as the posts are regulated and the guidelines are outlined to all personnel using this systems the treat to information compromise is minimal.

Importance of Operations Security (OPSEC)

This short video describes the everyday threats to operational security and some security measures taken by military organisations to ensure the security of information and personnel. Its a good watch and opens your eyes to the everyday threat of unauthorised disclosure of information for government organisations via social media.


A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both. -James Madison, 1832