Small Business, Non-profits and Mobile Social Media

How can my business effectively employ social media techniques?

I only operate a small business do i really need to use social media to market my business? I don’t have time to use social media? If you ask yourself these questions then you should read on. I have done some research over the last couple of days about the effects social media has on small businesses, non-profit businesses and how mobile social media is becoming even more popular across the generations.

“First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII — and we thought it was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television. With the World Wide Web, we’ve realised it’s a brochure.”

― Douglas AdamsSmall Businesses

Facebook Statistics 

Total Number of Facebook Users 1.26 Billion (10/6/2013)

Total Number of Facebook daily active users 757 Billion (29/1/2014)

Estimated Percentage of Facebook User Growth in APAC by 2015 28-32% (20/2/2014)

Statistics obtained from :

Taking into mind these statistics, for any company social media (Even just using Facebook) will be seen as a significant advantage to get your business or ideas out to the general public. In New Zealand we operate a lot of small businesses so I will focus on Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organisations, also finding out how they can employ mobile social media to gain a competitive advantage in todays markets.


Small Businesses and Social Media

Did you know that around 9 out of 10 small businesses use or are planning to use social media to market there goods or services?small-business

LinkedIn recently conducted a study to investigate how small businesses are using social media, and whether their investment is proving its worth. According to their research, the main problem facing most small businesses is attracting new clients.

The study also showed that over half have increased the amount they are spending on social media in the last year. What do you think could have caused this? Most social media forums are free to subscribe … Are we really changing to the digital age and focusing to much time on social media?

LinkedIn research is located:


Non Profit Organisations

Let’s be honest how many Non Profit Organisations do you really see marketing themselves with big marketing campaigns in todays market: the nonprofit sector doesn’t typically push the social media creativity envelope at the moment. We often see the most creative campaigns come from brands that have big budgets and cutting edge marketing teams behind them focused on brand awareness and gaining competitive advantage in the market. This doesn’t mean that small non profit organisations cannot be effective in the social media realm. Most Non-Profit organisations draw on their target audience to relate personally with them, a few examples are the SPCA, Coastguard , Westpac Rescue Helicopter. By using social media these organisations can effectively get their message out to the widerWe-support-Chopper-Badge-300x300 public and keep them engaged. I am a Coastguard and Westpac Volunteer and I subscribe to these Facebook pages. Companies can simply put a message out on a friday wishing everyone a good weekend with a underlying message about water safety for example and this will trigger in the audiences mind when they are out undertaking their activities.

I think we will see significant growth in the way Non Profit organisations use social media and we will find ourselves subscribing to more of these pages on our personal social media mediums. As most people have some kind of social media application and nearly everybody has a smart phone these companies can effectively reach their target audience anywhere in the world any time of day.

Links To Mentioned Non Profit Pages:


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